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IA Registration Requirements
Application Process
The initial application for investment adviser registration in Kansas shall be filed on Form ADV (editable pdf) along with the appropriate fee electronically with the IARD. The annual registration fee for an investment adviser firm is $100. The annual registration fee for each investment adviser representative is $60. For specific registration requirements of investment adviser firms please review the following regulations: K.A.R. 81-14-1, K.A.R. 81-14-2, and K.A.R. 81-14-9.

Additional Requirements
Each application for initial registration as an investment adviser (whether a corporation, partnership, or sole proprietor) in Kansas requires filing of the following items directly to the Office of the Kansas Securities Commissioner:

  1. An unaudited balance sheet as required by K.A.R. 81-14-4(b)(6) as of the end of the most recent month preceding the filing of the registration application.
  2. A copy of the advisory contract forms to be used for Kansas clients.
  3. A copy of the adviser’s supervisory procedures.
  4. The privacy policy as required by K.A.R. 81-14-5(d)(12)(B).
  5. A copy of the qualified custodian’s new account form that includes the third-party trading authority.
  6. Identification of one or more individual investment advisory representatives who will serve clients in Kansas pursuant to K.A.R. 81-14-1(a)(3). Each individual investment adviser representative must:
  7. A supplement or addendum to be attached to the investment adviser's brochure for delivery to all clients or prospective clients in Kansas that shall disclose the presence or absence of professional liability insurance coverage for its investment advisory services. In the event any client or prospective client in Kansas requests proof of professional liability insurance coverage, the investment adviser shall within 30 days provide a copy of the insurance agreement that is in effect.