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Administrative Proceedings
Proceedings are listed by date and respondent name. For a complete list of the cases for certain year's proceedings, please select "view all" and follow the respondent link to access a brief synopsis of each case.

2019 Proceedings
Most Recent 2019 Proceedings Case | View All 2019 Proceedings Cases

2018 Proceedings
Most Recent 2018 Proceedings Case | View All 2018 Proceedings Cases

2017 Proceedings
Most Recent 2017 Proceedings Case | View All 2017 Proceedings Cases

2016 Proceedings
Most Recent 2016 Proceedings Case | View All 2016 Proceedings Cases

2015 Proceedings
Most Recent 2015 Proceedings Case | View All 2015 Proceedings Cases

2014 Proceedings
Most Recent 2014 Proceedings Case | View All 2014
Proceedings Cases

2013 Proceedings
Most Recent 2013 Proceedings Case | View All 2013 Proceedings Cases

2012 Proceedings
Most Recent 2012 Proceedings Case | View All 2012 Proceedings Cases

2011 Proceedings
Most Recent 2011 Proceedings Case | View All 2011 Proceedings Cases

2010 Proceedings

Most Recent 2010 Proceedings Case | View All 2010 Proceedings Cases

2009 Proceedings
Most Recent 2009 Proceedings Case | View All 2009 Proceedings Cases

2008 Proceedings

Most Recent 2008 Proceedings Case | View All 2008 Proceedings Cases

2007 Proceedings

Most Recent 2007 Proceedings Case | View All 2007 Proceedings Cases

2006 Proceedings
Most Recent 2006 Proceedings Case | View All 2006 Proceedings Cases

2005 Proceedings

Most Recent 2005 Proceedings Case | View All 2005 Proceedings Cases

2004 Proceedings

Most Recent 2004 Proceedings Case | View All 2004 Proceedings Cases

2003 Proceedings
Most Recent 2003 Proceedings Case | View All 2003 Proceedings Cases

2002 Proceedings
Most Recent 2002 Proceedings Case | View All 2002 Proceedings Cases

2001 Proceedings
Most Recent 2001 Proceedings Case | View All 2001 Proceedings Cases

Request Copies of Proceedings

To obtain official copies of the proceedings, please read our Public Records Policy and call our office at 785-296-3307 or email us, or you may submit your request in writing at:
109 SW 9th St., Ste. 600
Topeka, KS 66612-1215

When writing provide the case name and dates of records you would like to receive, and include your name, mailing address, daytime telephone number, and email address in your request. The public information officer will review each request and, upon approval, provide paper or electronic copies of the documents.

Notice to Investors: If you are not a resident of Kansas and feel you have been affected by actions contained in our proceedings contact your state securities regulator for assistance. To locate your securities regulator go to North American Securities Administrators Association. If you choose to contact your state securities regulator, please inform him/her of the action taken by the State of Kansas.