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1300 SW Arrowhead
Topeka, KS 66604



Name Title Email Phone
Wagaman, Jeff Securities Commissioner 785-296-3071
Johnson, Clay Chief Regulatory Counsel 785-296-6757
Burlingham, Andy Chief Regulatory and Financial Analyst 785-296-3309

Compliance and Enforcement 

Name Title Email Phone
Eichkorn, John Director of Compliance and Enforcement 785-296-5203
Welch, Shelly Chief of Registration 785-296-1911
Mayer, Hugo Senior Examiner 785-296-5434
Browne, Kathy Chief of Compliance 785-296-5171
Entsminger, Chad Senior Special Agent 785-296-3638
Nickoley, Jamie Chief of Enforcement 785-291-3115
Henry, Jacob Special Agent 785-296-6874
Massey, Kenneth Special Agent 785-296-3368
Heydenreich, Jamie Examiner 785-296-3634
Oathout, Nickie Registration Examiner 785-296-5266
Hesse, John Examiner 785-296-3911
Ford, Richard Investigator 785-296-0772
Wockenfuss, Kristina Examiner 785-296-5215
Calhoon, Matthew Examiner 785-296-3630
Shouse, Michael Examiner 785-296-3587

Administrative & Regulatory Systems 

Name Title Email Phone
Haynes, Diane Public Service Administrator 785-296-3308
Ramskill, Kathy Senior Administrative Specialist 785-296-2124
Johnson, Debbie Senior Administrative Specialist 785-296-6875


Name Title Email Phone
Knutzen, Thomas Chief Litigation Counsel 785-296-7890
Daniels, Kathlyn Staff Attorney 785-296-5449
Ramirez, Celena Legal Assistant 785-296-3580